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A message from our Head School


These are times in which proliferate hundreds of gyms offering Gongfu courses, the majority of whom played by "teachers" poorly prepared that very often they learned techniques from partial occasional participation in seminars of hours.

Practices are proposals that have nothing to do with the Chinese martial techniques, if not an empty sequence, devoid of content that make this art an excellent method for self-defense.

You must carefully choose their Master, to avoid running into a teaching incorrect or even dangerous for your body, but it is not easy without proper knowledge.
After 40 years of continuous practice, I can give the following recommendations:

- Avoid Teachers who do not have an identified Master
- Avoid teachers who have learned only through workshops and seminars.
- Avoid teachers who have stopped learning or have learned from DVDs or books.
- Avoid the "holy men" cloaked in esoteric mysticism or that advertise "secret teachings".
- Avoid online courses and distance, which are useless.

and evaluate some parameters:
- Evaluate the lineage of the Teacher, who gives the security of the purity of the art transmission.
- Assessing the progeny of Lineage, the direct descendants are richer in knowledge.
- Assess whether the Master is the official representative of a famous lineage, that qualifies them.
- Assess the students of the Master, because a good Master creates valid practitioners.
- Evaluate the years of the Master's practice, one does not become experts in the art in a few years.
- Evaluate the ethics of the Master and Teacher

Finally, a Chinese teacher is not necessarily a good teacher, as well as I, Italian, I can not play football.

All the teachers will have to be evaluated as indicated above.
The last of the recommendations: after choosing your Master always follow him, so that he can make you grow on the path of knowledge and make you a good practitioner of Tanglangquan.

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